Mac 和 Android 文件傳送

MAS 001

首先在 System Preferences 內選 Sharing 再選 “Remote Login ”

係Android手機裝上 ES file Explorer
在Menu中選 Network –> FTP –> New –> SFTP

Server : 輸入mac 機上 ssh 旁address…x.
Port : 不要改 22就得

Username : 和 MAC 上一樣
Password :  和 MAC 上一樣
Encoding : Auto 就可以
Display as : 隨便一個名 再按 OK.

Android 上可以加上ES file 捷徑(shortcut) 係卓面,非常方便

只要android 開wifi ,同mac 在同一個Network 就可以
呢樣方便過ios 上 Airdrop. 因為冇限制文件類型 ,又可以set 不同文件夾.


7tox XML


For some reason have to buy 7tox ,unfortunately…

Fcp 7’s XML file output from 7toX its doesn’t work on FCPX.

No matter what i save the file first .

An update yesterday have same crash on it.

After talk with the FCPX group

Find out Resolve can make it done.

Import 7’s XML file to Resolve then export a FCPXML 1.4 format ,done

just few FX can’t read from Resolve such as transition

Resolve cap

Seem like waste some on 7toX .

but finally ,headache no more